Review of Special confining links in column as per IS13920-2016 and ACI318-2014
By Hemant Vadalkar

From the past earthquake records and observations, it has been seen that many column failures during earthquake occurred due to buckling of main bars near beam column junction as there was no adequate lateral restain. Even during the structural audit and repair works, it has been observed that confining reinforcement has not been provided in the beam column junction of RCC frames. Either in the design or during construction, some how, the confining reinforcement is missing in the junctions of beam and column and near the joints. For anticipated ductile behaviour or framed structures, confining reinforcement plays very important role and can’t br ignored. The diamerter of confinement reinforcement, its spacing and detailing of joints must be paid special attention for improving performance of structure during earthquake. We need to create more awareness amongst structural engineers and site engineers regarding this important provision in the code.

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