List Our Wonderful Clients

It’s hard to describe the feeling we have when we get the chance to work with our clients. It’s more than appreciation, more than trust, it’s just awesome. We work with hundreds of clients throughout the course of a year and each one is special and important.

We value our clients more than most could know. As a thank you and a bit of pride to work with such fine organizations, we feature a different group of clients regularly.

Civil Engineers- Individuals

1 A. K. Gharat, Mumbai.
2 Maharashtra Steel Fabricators.
3 Mangesh Joshi.
4 Mitesh Mutha.
5 Mohamed Admani, Gujarat (Kenya).
6 Mr. Parag Nikale.
7 Ms. Smita Gaikwad.
8 Nikhil Joshi.
9 Nilesh Ashtekar, Kolhapur
10 Prof M.G. Gadgil, VJTI
11 Prof. B. A. Naik, VJTI
12 Prof. G.B. Choudhary, VJTI
13 Prof. Karani,       VJTI
14 Prof. P.W. Kubde, VJTI
15 Raghvendra Kulkarni.
16 S. M. Ingle, Mumbai.
17 Sangeeta Date.
18 Shijil Balchandran.
19 Suchita Naik.
20 Sunil Maske.
21 Surendra Patil.
22 Upendra Gokhale, Kolhapur