List Our Wonderful Clients

It’s hard to describe the feeling we have when we get the chance to work with our clients. It’s more than appreciation, more than trust, it’s just awesome. We work with hundreds of clients throughout the course of a year and each one is special and important.

We value our clients more than most could know. As a thank you and a bit of pride to work with such fine organizations, we feature a different group of clients regularly.

Consulting Engineers

1 Akrutinirman Engineering Services, Pune.
2 A.R.Engineers & Consultants, Pune.
3 A G Khanolkar Consultants, Panvel.
4 A. G. Consultants, Mumbai.
5 A.V. Khambatia & Associates, Mumbai.
6 A.V. Kulkarni, Mumbai.
7 Actrina Consulting Engineers, Thane.
8 Advanced Engineering Consultants, Thane.
9 Ajay Mahale, Mumbai
10 Akrutinirman Engineering Services, Pune.
11 Anandji Technical Consultancy Services Private Limited, Thane.
12 Arnita Consultants, Mumbai.
13 Ashok Chande
14 Associated Consultants ( Vikas Gokhale), Thane.
15 Axis Consultants, Mumbai.
16 B. S. Akpomie Ltd., Bangalore.
17 C. G. Choudhari, Mumbai.
18 Capstone Consultants Pvt Ltd.,Mumbai.
19 Centretech, Consulting Engineers, Thane.
20 Chetan Tolia and Associates, Mumbai.
21 Choice Consutancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
22 CNL Consultants, Dombivali.
23 D. S. Deora, Mumbai.
24 D. S. Shenoy Consulting Engineers, Mumbai.
25 D.G. Sudame
26 Damle & Thakurdesai Consulting Structural Engg., Mumbai.
27 Dataformatics Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
28 Delcons structural Consultants, Pune.
29 Design Sanyojaka, Bhandup, Mumbai.
30 Devang Sutaria, Mumbai.
31 Dhananjay Hirve, Pune.
32 Dipak D. Kulkarni, Mumbai.
33 Doshi & Co., Mumbai.
34 Dubai Metal Industries, New Mumbai.
35 Equipack Engineers, Pimpri.
36 Frames Consulting Engineers
37 G. G. Hukkerikar, Mumbai.
38 G. P. Engineering Services, Mumbai.
39 G.N. Systech Consulting Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Thane.
40 Geeco Consultants, Mumbai.
41 Gravity Structural Consultants, Mumbai.
42 Gupte & Mody Consulting Structural Engineers, Mumbai.
43 H. M. Raje Consulting Engineers, Borivli.
44 Hanware Consultants, Bandra, Mumbai.
45 Harshad G. Gokani, Mumbai.
46 InfoPlant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( SST India), Mumbai.
47 Infra Design Stidio Pvt. Ltd., Nerul, New Mumbai.
48 Infra Design Stidio Pvt. Ltd., New Mumbai.
49 ITS Structures Consulting, Thane.
50 J. P. Mehta & Associates, Mumbai.
51 Jacob Engineers
52 Jay Joshi Structural Consultants, Mumbai.
53 JCV Structural Consultants, Mumbai.
54 Juzer Tinwala Consulting Engineers, Mumbai.
55 K H Karnawat Asso, Mumbai.
56 K.A. Sahakari & Associates
57 Kalyani Savardekar, Mumbai
58 Keni & D’souza Associates, Goa.
59 Kim Boedskov, Chennai
60 Kiran Mahajani, Thane.
61 Kuvelkar Salkar Associates , Goa
62 L N S  Constructions, Mumbai.
63 Lele & Associates, Pune
64 M. S. Limaye & Associates, Thane.
65 M. S. Phiske and Associates, Navi Mumbai.
66 M.S. Limaye, Thane.
67 M/s Encons (Engineering Consultancy Services), Mumbai.
68 M/s Kamath & company, Nagpur.
69 Madhav Chikodi & Associates, Dombivali.
70 Madhav Kamat & Associates, Goa.
71 MAGCONS, Thane.
72 Micropoint Computers, Mumbai
73 N. D. Tirpude, Nagpur.
74 Nafees Khalfay Consulting Engineer, Mumbai. ( Structo Designs)
75 Naik Consultants Private Limited, Mumbai.
76 Naiknavare and Associates, Pune.
77 Next Step Engineering Services, Goregaon, Mumbai.
78 Olavo Carvalho, Goa
79 Paresh Unnarkar, Mumbai.
80 Parikh & Kulkarni Consulting Engineers, Mumbai.
81 Pedanekar and Associates, Mumbai.
82 Praj Consulting Engineers, Thane.
83 Pramod Lindayat , Consulting Engineer, Mumbai.
84 Protech Consulting Engineers, Mumbai.
85 Pyramid Consultants, Vapi.
86 Qtech Engineers, Jogeshwari, Mumbai.
87 R. N. Deshpande, Mumbai.
88 R. S. Mandrekar Consulting Engineer, Mumbai.
89 R. S. Mandrekar, Mumbai.
90 Rachana Engineering Consultancy Private Limited, Mumbai.
91 Ranadive Consultants, Thane.
92 Rancon Consultants, Mumbai.
93 Rancon Consultants, New Mumbai.
94 Renuka Consultants, Thane.
95 RSG Computers,Mumbai.
96 S M P S Engineers and Consultants Private Limited, Mumbai.
97 S S A  Consultants, Mumbai.
98 S. R. Ghule, Sahyadri Techno Consultants, Pune.
99 S. S. Kutumbale, Indore
100 Sandeecon Infratech Services Pvt. Ltd, Ambernath.
101 Sanjot Mondal & Associates, Pune.
102 SAPP Consultants, Mumbai.
103 Satish Marathe, Pune.
104 SECMEC Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
105 Seemu Consultancy, Mumbai.
106 Shah and Shah, Mumbai.
107 Shah Consultants, Mumbai.
108 Shailesh Dhumne, Consulting Engineer, Nashik.
109 Shashank Mehendale and Assocaites, Mumbai.
110 Shishir Kulkarni & Associates, Thane.
111 Sritec Consultants, Mumbai.
112 Sthapti Designers Pvt. Ltd., Navsari.
113 Struct Bombay Consultants, Mumbai.
114 Structon – Pramod Joshi, Solapur.
115 Sudhir Kulkarni, Pune.
116 Suhas Chande, Mumbai.
117 Sura & Associates, Mumbai.
118 Swapneel Consultants, Thane.
119 Tech Consultants, Mumbai.
120 Technas Consulting Engineers, New Mumbai.
121 The Associates Structural Consultants, Kalyan.
122 Unique Designs, Mumbai.
123 Universal Value Engineering, Pune.
124 V. T. Ganpule & Associates, Mumbai
125 Vagmi Engeneering Consultatns (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Dhule.
126 Valmont Structures Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
127 VASTECH Consultants Pvt Ltd, Pune.
128 Veracity Structural Consultancy, Pune.
129 VEW Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
130 Vijay Bhise and Associates, Mumbai.
131 Vora and Associates, Mumbai.