Report on Seminar “STAADpro Building Solutions” at at Panjim , Goa

9th Oct 2014 by STADD Engineers, Mumbai.

On 9th October STADD Engineers, Mumbai organised a promotional event at Hotel Delmon, Roof top, Panjim, Goa.

Invitations were sent to the existing clients and the members of the Institution of India – Goa chapter.

The session began at 4 pm with Mrs Kirty Vadalkar welcoming the guests on behalf of STADD Engineers. She briefly explained the company policy of keeping the users informed about the changes in the software packages. the main motive of this workshop was to share the knowledge of various building solutions that Bentley offers. With the change in the construction scenario i.e. change in the size of the structures, to handle the data manually is extremely difficult. So the use of the software is a must. Bentley provides the right software as solutions to all the needs of a structural engineer.

The Chairman of The Institution of Engineers – Goa chapter, spared his valuable time to attend the event. He welcomed all the guests on behalf of the institution. The Secretary of The Institution of Engineers – Goa chapter, who had helped in organising this event, shared his thoughts briefly.

The first session was that of basic introduction of the most popular structural analysis & design software – STAADPro by Mrs Kirty Vadalkar. In her session she covered the important features of the software right from the basics. She informed the participants about the ease of model generation and also the importance of a correct model. She also gave details of various properties & loads that can be handeled using STAADPro. Another important point highlighted was that of analysis & post processing. Overall the lecture gave a full insight about STAADPro.

The second session was “Solutions to some common modelling problems” by Mr Hemant Vadalkar. His lecture was highly appreciated by the participants as it contained a lot of technical references which are normally not available to Engineers. While using the software , the user makes a lot of mistakes, gets wrong results & blames on the software. These wrong notions need to be addressed. Hemant Vadalkar, answered all the queries and doubts of a user. Participants were very much impressed. There was a long question & answer session after this. Hemant satisfied all the queries.

The last session was by Akshit Dhawan from Bentley. He introduced the other software packages to the participants which included Planwin, RCDC & STAAD Foundation. He also showed how a user can become a part of Bentley Learn facility. Akshit is a very good speaker so his lecture was also well appreciated by the participants.

The workshop was attended by 55 engineers. There were some interested in buying so we met them in their offices and gave them more information.

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